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OinkADoodleMoo...Funny Name...Serious BBQ!

At OinkADoodleMoo we’re famous for Authentic, Championship Style BBQ; Slow-Smoked, In-House over an Applewood fire! Our Pulled Pork, Pulled Chicken, Beef Brisket and Brisket Tip “SAMMICHES” are served on a sweet ‘n buttery, Premium Brioche Bun. Our St. Louis RIBS are so good they’ll tickle your taste buds with gladness. All of our exceptional sauces and sides are homemade and original recipes. Everything at OinkADoodleMoo is so Fabulous… so Delicious… we had to create a new word for it… FABULICIOUS!

Funny Name...Serious BBQ!

Our vision is to be the most sought after brand in Fast Casual dinning!

A Smoky Sweet Story

Our founder, Mark, literally threw away over 50 sauces in one year trying to discover the perfect recipe! He says, his Wife would cringe every time he pulled out the ingredients saying, “You just made a sauce yesterday!”

One night, while cooking for a big church picnic, Mark had a 3:00 a.m. epiphany. After a late night trip downstairs a new exciting sauce was born! So excited, Mark grabbed a spoon with a sample and ran upstairs to a sleeping wife and said, “Babe, you’ve got to try this sauce!” To which she replied, “It’s 3 o’clock… go back to bed!!!” The next day when she tried it, she agreed. “Smoky Sweet” was born! Soon after, the awards started rolling in and people were raving! ”

Mark Peebles has loved BBQ his whole life! In fact, we still hear him tell stories of the times his dad would take him to County Line On The Lake in Austin, TX. “We would eat some awesome barbecue, then go out back and skip rocks on the lake. It’s always been one of my fondest memories.” Mark continued to make great memories over the years that always seemed to involve barbecue. From dragging his wife, Elizabeth, all over Texas to all the little back road joints; to the countless weekends that he spent on the Kansas City Barbecue Circuit with some of his best friends; to cooking his Championship Style “Q” for every family gathering and church picnic for many years.

It was 2006…Mark was riding along in the car one day with his little 3-year-old son, Tommy. He was being a Dad…having some fun…making silly animal noises with his boy. “ ‘OinkADoodleMoo’ just popped out of my mouth! I immediately said, ‘That would be a great name for a barbecue team!’ “

Since that time OinkADoodleMoo Smoky BBQ has developed into a winning brand with a vision to “Be the most sought after brand in fast casual BBQ!” That means they want their locations to be a centerpiece in the community and be the first choice in town for FABULICIOUS Smoky BBQ.

It also means that they want potential investors and franchisees to choose OinkADoodleMoo over other brands because of the leadership and brand power.

Come and experience OinkADoodleMoo today, and we think you'll agree with the hundreds of BBQ lovers at the Taste of the Miami Valley who voted OinkADoodleMoo "BEST BBQ!"

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